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Singaporean Kopi Style Coffee Roasting

This is one roasting style I didn’t know. Adding sugar and margarine to an already dark roast? It must taste so different to what I like that I want to try it. 

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Light Roast Coffee

I’m a bitch for good coffee. Knowing I am Italian you might think I love espresso, and I enjoy it from time to time, but espresso is actually my least preferred method of brewing coffee. I discovered that what I really love is filter coffee. Coffee brewed by percolation and filtered with paper is so much cleaner and enjoyable.

But it’s not only about extraction method. There’s this movement, the third wave of coffee, which in recent years is trying to treat coffee like an high quality product. No more “blends”, no more grouping like “Colombia” or even worse, generic “Arabica”. Imagine something more like: I want to drink that coffee, of that variety, made by that farm. Just like a fine wine.

After finding great coffee, you can’t just utilize the espresso roast for everything. Filter coffee needs a gentler roasting process of the beans, also called “light roast” or scandinavian/nordic roast. Then you brew it with some manual or automatic device (I go manual alternating an Hario V60, an Aeropress and a Kalita Wave). The result is a coffee which is not bitter, and taste like fruit and flowers instead than chocolate and nuts. It has been a game changer for me since I discovered it some years ago.

Problem is, in Italy it’s very hard to find light roast specialty coffee. Almost no one knows (or like) this “style”. The shops or roasters who try to make light roast coffee roast it too dark, which means ruining it. But there is hope. I found a couple of great artisanal local roasters and I’ll try to post some info about them.