This is a great digital magazine for young designers (and for olders too). Great interviews, nice resources, nice design.


Being a designer and in love with typography over the years I have collected a TON of fonts. I used to keep lots of them installed at once, it’s just nice to have all of them ready to use when prototyping logos and such. But recently I started to use a font manager, as it […] is an interesting collection of “ethical” alternatives to mainstream offerings. I discovered lots of little resources I didn’t know about. You can also suggest new ones.

Affinity Publisher Beta

I’ve been using the Affinity Publisher Beta for a few months now, and I can say that even if it’s not on par with inDesign yet (or maybe it will never be), it can certainly do 95% of what is needed. The final version could be definitely used for professional work. It’s a good thing […]

Facebook and Domination

This article is a good recap of the recent Facebook findings (health apps sharing personal data with it, exploiting the phone number asked for two-factor authentication etc.), along the hypothesis of Facebook becoming what WeChat is in China. Scary but possible.

Huawei Cloning Apple Parts

An earlier Apple-related incident, according to one source, involved Huawei copying a 2016 connector design used to make the MacBook Pro hinge thinner while linking the display to the logic board. A similar component then appeared in Huawei’s 2018 MateBook Pro, something achieved by shopping Apple’s schematic around to various suppliers — most of which […]


Screen Saver by Pedro Carrasco based on the animations presented during Apple Special Event (October 30, 2018) from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House. I’ve got a new screensaver.

Last summer I discovered on Kickstarter and I decided to backe it. I stopped using FaceBook long ago, as most of my friends. I was bothered by the constant notifications to others about anything I did, any comment I made, on photos or communities. Ok being social, but this is too much. OpenBook also has a […]

A Very Slow Movie Player

Bryan Boyer created a “very slow movie player”. A digital photo frame device, using an e-ink display and a Raspberry Pi, showing a movie at 24 frames per hour instead than 24 frames per second. Fascinating.

Light Roast Coffee

I’m a bitch for good coffee. Knowing I am Italian you might think I love espresso, and I enjoy it from time to time, but espresso is actually my least preferred method of brewing coffee. I discovered that what I really love is filter coffee. Coffee brewed by percolation and filtered with paper is so much […]

The State of LinkedIn

I’m not a big user of social networks in general. The problem seems to be that in all social networks, sooner or later, everything is going to be exploited for revenue or other interests. People will not post quality content because in the end it doesn’t matter, there will always be someone who will “engage” […]

The “New Ugly” School of Design

Graphic design can only progress if practitioners continually look for unconventional methods to approaching a brief and challenging aesthetic ideas. “If you stay true to always asking ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’, you will always stay ahead,” he says. “It is always change that will evoke change.” The critical design aesthetic is becoming popular, along the […]