Designer Bio Generator

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I could really use this Designer Bio Generator

Cover Image is an interesting collection of “ethical” alternatives to mainstream offerings. I discovered lots of little resources I didn’t know about. You can also suggest new ones.

Singaporean Kopi Style Coffee Roasting

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This is one roasting style I didn't know. Adding sugar and margarine to an already dark roast? It must taste so different to what I like that I want to try it.

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Endlessly unique ambient music

Affinity Publisher Beta

I’ve been using the Affinity Publisher Beta for a few months now, and I can say that even if it’s not on par with inDesign yet (or maybe it will never be), it can certainly do 95% of what is needed. The final version could be definitely used for professional work. Fresh competition in the desktop publishing world is a good thing.

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Quirky typefaces on

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A free set of quality surrealist illustrations.

Facebook and Domination

This article is a good recap of the recent Facebook findings (health apps sharing personal data with it, exploiting the phone number asked for two-factor authentication etc.), along the hypothesis of Facebook becoming what WeChat is in China. Scary but possible.